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Our organic greenhouse is one of Germany’s biggest organic greenhouses. It is located near the North Sea. We produce high-quality and aromatic organic tomatoes, grown in best “Dith-marscher” soil, watered with collected rainwater, produced in an energy-neutral way and according to Bioland guidelines. Around 70.000 tomato plants grow on a surface of 4 ha. From March to November three different kinds of tomatoes are cultivated in our greenhouse: “Bio-Rispentomaten”, “Bio-Mini-Rispentomaten” and “Bio-Mini-Roma-Rispentomaten”.

The Bio-Rispen-tomato is a fleshy round tomato with an intensive red color and a mild flavor. Our Bio-Mini-Rispen-tomato is a cocktail tomato. Fruity, sweet and mild in taste, this special aromatic kind of tomato evokes the original tomato flavor in its complete diversity.

Our Bio-Mini-Roma-Rispen-tomato is a tasty, sweet and firm truss tomato. It is perfect as a snack tomato with its smooth skin, excellent taste and nice oval shape.



Our Westhof organic greenhouse was built according to the state of the art in all its areas. Through special energy-saving and light-transmitting materials and constructions, we will save up to 50% more energy compared to conventional greenhouses. Remarkable are the seven-meter standing wall height for a good indoor climate, the white lattice for minimizing shadows and maximizing light, dual-energy shades for sun protection and eco-nomical consumption, special diffused glass (particularly translucent for optimum light output),

as well as the fivefold multi-skin side panels with good insulating properties. Features like these make us the largest and most modern green-house for organic fruit vegetables throughout Germany .


We are a regional and international team which includes experienced gardeners and organic vegetable growers.


Our contact details: Westhof Bio-Gewächshaus GmbH & Co. KG Pehrsenweg 1 D-25797 Wöhrden Tel.: +49 4839 95303-0 Fax: + 49 4839 95303-35 E-Mail:

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