The BIO-FROST Westhof GmbH is Germany’s one and only freezing company that produces organic-only. That means, we exclusively process vegetables from certified and ecologically managed organic farms. Fragile crops are processed immediately after harvesting.

In order to meet the increasing demand for organic frozen vegetables, we ware currently planning to enlarge our production facility. As part of this project, a CO2-free high-temperature storage technology is to be tested. The aim is to demonstrate the feasibility of a sustainable, CO2-free and grid-compatible energy supply for a secure production process which secures local added value for Europe’s largest organic freezing plant.



Die BIO-FROST Westhof GmbH was founded in 1998 and became Germanys only freezing company that exclusively processes vegetables from certified ecological farms. We are a certified Bioland-, Demeter und Naturland-Processor and produce according to EC-Eco-Regulations 2018/848. Since 2006 we are also IFS certified. We offer a complete batch traceability as well as delicious and uncontaminated food from an environmentally and resource-friendly production.

Our production facility is situated in one of the largest organic cultivation regions in Europe, enabling us to process our vegetables immediately after harvesting for a unique level of freshness. We take pride in producing our vegetables without the use of any additives, a hallmark of our commitment to quality. It’s no wonder that our clientele includes leading manufacturers of organic and baby foods.

We are pleased to offer you our range of pure, organic vegetables.


Ernte Brokkoli


We take great care in selecting our suppliers to ensure the premium quality of our organic vegetables. Our suppliers consist of organized organic farmers, including producer associations, who must provide a valid organic certificate before we accept their raw goods. In order to maintain complete transparency and traceability, our suppliers provide detailed information on each delivery. We produce our goods in small, carefully monitored batches, assigning each batch to the corresponding farmer and field.

While the majority of our organic vegetables are sourced from Schleswig-Holstein, we also work with suppliers from other regions of Germany and across Europe to ensure a reliable supply throughout the year. We maintain the same rigorous quality standards for all of our suppliers, regardless of location.



Our committed team of administrative and production staff undergo regular training both internally and externally to ensure their skills remain current and up-to-date. Our production employees work in three permanent shifts, operating 24 hours a day under the guidance of experienced production managers.



BIO-FROST Westhof GmbH
Rudolf-Scheer-Str. 2
D-25797 Wöhrden
Telefon: +49 4839 9532-0
Telefax: +49 4839 9532-20

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