With a sprawling total area of 10 hectares, our organic greenhouses stand among the largest in all of Germany. Situated near the refreshing North Sea, we take great pride in cultivating high-quality and aromatic organic tomatoes, nurtured in the finest “Dithmarscher” soil, irrigated with collected rainwater, and grown in an energy-neutral manner, all in strict accordance with the Bioland guidelines. Within our expansive greenhouses, we carefully tend to over 150,000 tomato and 130,000 pepper plants. Between March and November we are not only producing different varieties of red peppers but also three distinct varieties of tomatoes – the “Bio-Rispentomaten”, “Bio-Mini-Rispentomaten” and “Bio-Mini-Roma-Rispentomaten”.

The “Bio-Rispentomate” is a fleshy round tomato with an intensive red color and a mild flavor. Our “Bio-Mini-Rispen-Tomate” is a cocktail tomato. Exuding a fruity sweetness and gentle flavor, this unique and aromatic kind of tomato encapsulates the full range of the original tomato taste.

Our employee favorite is the “Bio-Mini-Roma-Rispentomate”, which is crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside, just like a piece of candy. With its velvety skin, exceptional taste and pleasing oval shape, this tomato is the ideal choice for a savory snack.



Our Westhof organic greenhouse is a masterpiece of modern engineering, built with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and materials. Its innovative design incorporates energy-saving and light-transmitting features that allow us to conserve up to 50% more energy than traditional conventional greenhouses.

What sets our greenhouse apart is its impressive seven-meter standing wall height, which ensures optimal indoor climate control. The use of a white lattice minimizes shadows and maximizes the amount of natural light, while dual-energy shades provide both sun protection and economical energy consumption.

Our greenhouse also boasts special diffused glass that is particularly translucent, providing the perfect amount of light for plant growth. In addition, the fivefold multi-skin side panels possess excellent insulating properties, further enhancing our energy efficiency.

With these cutting-edge features, our greenhouses are among the largest and most advanced organic fruit and vegetable greenhouses in all of Germany.


Our team comprises skilled horticulturists and expert organic vegetable cultivators with a diverse range of regional and international backgrounds.


Our contact details: Westhof Bio-Gewächshaus GmbH & Co. KG Pehrsenweg 1 D-25797 Wöhrden Tel.: +49 4839 95303-0 Fax: + 49 4839 95303-35 E-Mail:

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