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Fresh Organic Vegetables

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The crispy all-rounder

Carrots can be used for almost everything:. as juice, salad, for barbeque or as a snack.

The richly containing beta carotene has an antioxidant effect which is not only good for the immune system, but also for the skin.


Trend – vacuum-packed and fresh beetroots

Beetroots has been experiencing a comeback for some time. Not only because of its high folic and iron content but also of the unique taste and strong color. 

Trendsetter for salad, juice, cookies and more.

White Cabbage

Round, green und aromatic

The cabbage is not only a delicious vegetable , but also very conducive to health. Prominent examples of cabbage meals are the legendary cabbage soup , cabbage stew or stuffed cabbage. Cabbage also promotes the metabolism and acts as a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Red cabbage

Beautiful from both inside and outside

Red cabbage is very popular as a winter vegetable  and goes with many dishes, especially when we think of roast, potatoes and gravy. But not only its red color on our plates is convincing but also its inner values ​​.

With its numerous vitamins and minerals the red cabbage is a all-rounder and promotes our vitality.


One of the most popular types of cabbages

Can be used for casseroles and soups.

Broccoli contains just like cauliflower numerous vitamins. Both cabbages are one of the healthiest vegetables of all.


Sweet and spicy  

They provide lots of carbohydrates and can be used for soups, stews or casseroles.

Brussels sprout

Rich in nutrients 

Brussels sprouts polarizes and enchants at the same time. Not everyone likes it , but if you know what to do with Brussels sprouts, you can cook amazing dishes with it.

Its good as roasted vegetables, as steamed vegetables or as a ingredient in a quiche.


 Rich in vitamins

It can be prepared quickly, is easy to digest and gives dishes a nice spice.

Leek in soups, quiche , risotto and co. are a welcome alternative. 

Parsley root

Intensive and mildly spicy

You mostly recognizes it in 1 bunch of vegetables for making soup.  Man kennt sie meist im Suppengrün. Its often used in soups and stews.

Unwashed can parsley root be good and long stored as carrots.


Healthy grown

Parsnips are back and popular again. They a root vegetable closely related to carrot and parsley and taste aromatic and slightly sweet. 

When used in stews, soups and casseroles they give a rich flavor. 


Always a good choice

Can be used in a lot of different ways such as cauliflower puree, pizza dough, gratin or soups.

The containing vitamins protect the immune system and improve the UV protection of the skin.


A wonderful vegetable

A typical winter vegetable and a cultivated form of cabbage. Its unique ingredients is a alternative to animal protein. It not only tastes in green smoothies , but also in salads or steamed.

The gentler the kale is cooked, the greater the benefits of its ingredients.

Trusses of tomatoes

Should be in every kitchen 

Its a intensive red, well-fleshed and juicy fruit. 

Perfect for salads , soups, sauces and more.


A delicacy

Our Mini-Rispentomato is a cocktail tomato. Fruity, sweet, mild and very aromatic.


A great vegetables

Potatoes are healthy and actually a staple food and are rich in vitamin C. The ingredients are good for skin, hair and healthy nails.



The perfect snack  

Eine vollmundig würzig-süße Tomate finden Sie in unserer Sorte der Mini-Romarispentomate. Die zarte Haut, das angenehm feste Fleisch und die ansprechende ovale Form verleiht dieser Sorte ihre besondere Eignung als Snacktomate.

Our product range can be extended according to your needs. We will be happy to adapt our sales and delivers units to your specific requirements. Please do not hesitate and contact us for any further questions or informations.

Different packagings are available (in kg):

  • PE-bag:  1,0/2,5
  • Flow-Pack:  0,3 – 1,0
  • Carry-Fresh:   1,0 – 2,5
  • Raschelsack:   2,0 – 20,0
  • Clipnetz:  0,5 – 1,5
  • Shrinking wrapped broccoli, white and red cabbage

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