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The focus of our activity centers on an ecological farming system in symbosis with nature and its biological cycles. The preservation of an intact environment is as equally important for us as the production of healthy, high-quality food. Our aim is not only to produce according to the Bioland guidelines but, in addition, to use resource-saving and climate-friendly management practices. For we have only this one planet and we want to ensure that it will remain as intact as possible for future generations.

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Our organic agriculture is a sustainable and modern form of farming. It maintains and improves soil fertility and biological diversity, protects drinking water, land and climate while striving to preserve natural resources. In return, we are rewarded by healthy, high-quality and delicious food that deserves the designation “victuals” – foodstuffs for life. 

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Since achieving energy neutrality in 2015, we place great importance on maintaining this approach in our operations. We aim to produce as much energy as we consume in our companies. In addition to solar and wind energy, we rely on biomass as a renewable energy source. With the help of a biogas plant, we recycle vegetable waste to produce heat for our greenhouse. The remaining plant residues from the biogas plant after fermentation have a high mineral content and are utilized as fertilizers for our fields.

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