Organic trade

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Organic trade


When it comes to organic vegetables, the Westhof Bio-Gemüse GmbH & Co. KG is your professional partner. Our products are completely traceable and undergo strict quality controls. We offer exclusively organic products.


We sell only the highest-quality and freshest organic products in accordance with the harvesting season. We offer you a wide range of our home-grown delicious vegetables from A to Z as well as the best organic vegetables from other certified growers in Dithmarschen and Northern Germany. Our main product is the organic carrot, available 12 months a year. This we enable by importing only ecologically certified organic vegetables from producers in Europe and Israel. Here you will find an overview of our fresh vegetables.

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We obtain our organic vegetables mainly from our local environment. In the last a few years, the area around Westhof Bio has become one of the most important and largest organic vegetable-growing areas in Europe. A total of approximately 3,000 hectares are farmed organically in Dithmarschen, Westhof Bio itself cultivating 1000 ha.

We guarantee the organic quality of our regional vegetables through careful selection of producers, our organic-only concept and the good and close cooperation with the organic farmers.


Our organic vegetables come mostly from Schleswig-Holstein. Nevertheless, we also process organic vegetables from other regions of Germany, mainly Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfahlen und Rheinland-Pfalz.

Our organic-only concept, the careful selection of our producers and a trusting cooperation with our organic farmers guarantee us best organic quality.



In order to meet the strong demands for high-quality organic vegetables all year round, we also buy organic vegetables from international producers. Our importing countries are the Nether-lands, Israel, Denmark, United Kingdom and Austria. Since we import only organic vegetables and select our suppliers and producers carefully, we are able to guarantee consistent organic quality.

We maintain a very good contact with our suppliers and organic farmers in Europe. In sunny Israel, for example, organic carrots are harvested when they are out of season in Germany and in its neighboring countries. Thus, in order to be able to also offer our customers organic carrots from April to July, we import them.

The production and control measures for organic production in Israel are recognized by the EC Eco-Regulation 1235/2008 as being equivalent. In order to import organic products from Israel, Westhof Bio-Gemüse GmbH & Co. KG agrees to the following requirements:

      • As importer and initial recipient, we are subject to the control procedures of the EC Eco-Regulation.
      • The Israeli exporter and the Israeli farmers are certified by an organic control body listed in the list of third countries.
      • All farmers have a GlobalGAP certificate.
      • Each delivery of organic vegetables is accompanied by a control certificate which is emitted by the responsible organic body in Israel.
      • We inform our inspection body ABCERT AG of each imported consignment of organic vegetables.

      OUR TEAM

      We are a dedicated and highly qualified team. Each of us has our own department and at the same time we work hand in hand. A strong cooperation is top priority for us. Each team member is a recognized part of a community which consists of a highly experienced and young, dynamic staff.


      Our contact details:
      Westhof Bio-Gemüse GmbH & Co. KG
      Zum Westhof 6
      D-25764 Friedrichsgabekoog
      Tel.: +49 4839 9535-0
      Fax: +49 4839 9105

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